Great Productivity Apps for Pastors

Move over Post It Notes - Evernote is here to help us get organized in new ways!

I love my Android smart phone and tablet, but in order to get them to really help my productivity, I had to find the right apps. There are a handful of apps that have completely changed the way I operate on a daily basis, and I thought I would share them you:

Avoiding eGossip


This post explores the problem of eGossip, or forwarding false information to others with services like Email and Facebook, and suggests a resource for confirming information before pressing “send.”

Google Alerts: Web Tool for Pastors

Have you Googled yourself lately? You should. It is important to know what the internet community is saying about you and your church. You definitely want to be a part of that conversation! From time to time, I type my name into Google to see what pops up. I have found articles from my blog […]

I Found $10,000!


I misunderstood a finance report to the extent that I thought we had spent $10,000 more than we actually spent. For our church, a $10k hole in the budget is cause for concern. When I started adding numbers together, though, the numbers weren’t coming out that bad, so I knew something had to be up with the report. The bottom line: The report wasn’t user friendly…

No Screen Day


A boiling hot summer keeps us inside, and we have ended up spending too much time in front of our various media screens (computers, TVs, and Video Games). So, Cindy and I declared No Screen Day. Here’s the report…