Stewardship Devotion: What’s in Your Wallet


In Matthew 6:21, we learn “21 …where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” There are many ways to reflect on this verse, but after seeing a credit card commercial asking, “What’s in Your Wallet?” I have realized that our wallets are like modern-day treasure chests and point to where our hearts are. Let’s open up our wallets and prayerfully reflect on the things we find inside. I will use my wallet as an example.

In my wallet, I have some cash (and a debit card that links to stored cash). Money represents the fruit of our labors. Give thanks for our abundance, and ask for help in our financial needs. Let us lift up our work, and our investments to God.

Growing Churches and the Master’s Joy


I have seen responses to surveys about church growth from several churches over the years, and I am always surprised to see responses like, “we don’t want to grow bigger,” or “if we grow to two services, we won’t know everyone.” These common responses go against our mission as Christians to make disciples. So how do we overcome our fear of growing churches? I think the parable of talents (see Matthew 25:14+) helps us in our thinking about church growth.