Prayer and God are Both in School



I have seen many people write on their Facebook pages something to the effect of, “We need to put God back in our Schools.” This is a reference to our present suffering seemingly as a result of removing prayer from school. While I am excited that so many people value prayer and our relationship with God as a people, I am troubled by the premise of this theological thinking for at least two reasons.

Understanding Christians Who Vote Democrat


I live in a decidedly Republican area. How Republican? The church I serve is a polling place, so I can tell you:

1063 votes for Romney, 133 votes for Obama. I would break down the elections for other positions, but in all but a couple of cases, republicans ran unopposed. Democrats know better than to even try.

With such an overwhelming Republican base, I often hear the question, “How can a Christian be a Democrat?”

Kristen, of Rage Against the Minivan, offers a well spoken explanation of why she voted with the Democratic Party. Hopefully, this glimpse into the thinking of Democratic Christians will help lead to understanding, if not agreement.

Read her full article here.