Prayer and God are Both in Schools


Some of my theological reflections about God and prayer in school.

Avoiding eGossip


This post explores the problem of eGossip, or forwarding false information to others with services like Email and Facebook, and suggests a resource for confirming information before pressing “send.”

Understanding Christians Who Vote Democrat


I live in a decidedly Republican area. How Republican? The church I serve is a polling place, so I can tell you: 1063 votes for Romney, 133 votes for Obama. I would break down the elections for other positions, but in all but a couple of cases, republicans ran unopposed. Democrats know better than to […]

Chilean Miners and Super Mario


In the joy of the moment, I will express my thankfullness for the successful rescue of the Chilean miners by sharing something fun. Here is a picture about the Chilean mine experience that people of my generation will certainly recognize:

Picking Kids TV Shows

Wizards of Waverly Place

I have a seven and a three year old. They love TV. We pay close attention to what they are watching, though, because some shows that are geared for kids are quite inappropriate. Today, I have gone through and listed some shows that I like and some that I do not like. Click on the first picture and then click on the right side of each picture to advance to the next one to see my opinion of each: