Scripture Reflection

Avoiding eGossip


This post explores the problem of eGossip, or forwarding false information to others with services like Email and Facebook, and suggests a resource for confirming information before pressing “send.”

Good Words


Encouragers offer good words to others and eases their anxiety. I am thankful for encourages in an anxious time! (Proverbs 12:25)

Thankful for Dedicated Leaders

Empty Meeting Room

What if we called a meeting of leaders in our church and we walked in to find an empty meeting room? Without people serving in leadership, our churches would not be able to organize effectively for ministry. This was exactly what Isaiah predicted for Jerusalem and Judah in my Bible reading today. Isaiah proclaimed that […]

The Encouragement of Jude


Verses 20-21 of Jude offer some words of encouragement that I am reflecting on today:

Wild Waves of Jude

foamy sea

Jude uses some strong metaphors to describe troublemakers in the church. Anyone who has been around a large body of water can relate to the power and fear invoked by wild waves. Jude says that troublemakers in the church are “…wild waves of the sea, casting up the foam of their own shame;” (Jude 1:13a NRSV). These are my reflections on this metaphor…