Stewardship Devotion: What’s in Your Wallet


In Matthew 6:21, we learn “21 …where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” There are many ways to reflect on this verse, but after seeing a credit card commercial asking, “What’s in Your Wallet?” I have realized that our wallets are like modern-day treasure chests and point to where our hearts are. Let’s open up our wallets and prayerfully reflect on the things we find inside. I will use my wallet as an example.

In my wallet, I have some cash (and a debit card that links to stored cash). Money represents the fruit of our labors. Give thanks for our abundance, and ask for help in our financial needs. Let us lift up our work, and our investments to God.

Thankful for Dedicated Leaders

What if we called a meeting of leaders in our church and we walked in to find an empty meeting room? Without people serving in leadership, our churches would not be able to organize effectively for ministry. This was exactly what Isaiah predicted for Jerusalem and Judah in my Bible reading today. Isaiah proclaimed that tough times were coming, and they would find themselves without leaders. No one would want to lead the “heap of ruins” that Jerusalem would become. I found myself reflecting on my church, and how we have come through some tough times with some good leaders. I am thankful for them and thankful that these words from Isaiah did not come to pass for my church:

The Encouragement of Jude

I have written several posts examining the metaphors in Jude about troublemakers who lead Christians and the church astray. We all have potential to be such troublemakers, but we also have the potential to live out God’s commandments. We might not be able to do so perfectly, but God is there to meet us in our attempt. One comment that was left on my blog reminded me that Jude has some words of encouragement that I should share as well: