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Prayer and God are Both in Schools


Some of my theological reflections about God and prayer in school.

Avoiding eGossip


This post explores the problem of eGossip, or forwarding false information to others with services like Email and Facebook, and suggests a resource for confirming information before pressing “send.”

Veterans Day Worship Planning


I know this is too late to help anyone this year, but it’s not too early to gather resources for next year :). The GBOD website has a page about Veteran’s Day in Worship. It is complete with the history of Veteran’s Day, suggested hymns, liturgy, and the following suggestions:

Understanding Christians Who Vote Democrat


I live in a decidedly Republican area. How Republican? The church I serve is a polling place, so I can tell you: 1063 votes for Romney, 133 votes for Obama. I would break down the elections for other positions, but in all but a couple of cases, republicans ran unopposed. Democrats know better than to […]

Choosing Between God and Heaven

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To me, paradise is sitting on a white, sandy beach in the evening, looking up at the stars, and listening to the ocean waves singing of God’s majesty. It is one of the most heavenly places I have experienced in my life so far. If the real Heaven is better than that, then it is […]