Great Productivity Apps for Pastors

Move over Post It Notes - Evernote is here to help us get organized in new ways!

I love my Android smart phone and tablet, but in order to get them to really help my productivity, I had to find the right apps. There are a handful of apps that have completely changed the way I operate on a daily basis, and I thought I would share them you:

Hospitality: When Night Ends and Day Begins


In an almost random internet search, I happened across this powerful Jewish tale that helps us to understand the Bible’s instructions for dealing with strangers in our midst:  

Listening is the First Step in Faith Sharing


Not too long ago, I delivered a sermon to my congregation about the importance of living out and sharing the Gospel message with people who are different from ourselves. After the sermon, a parishioner came up to me and told me that a Palestinian woman came into her office during the week,

Growing Churches and the Master’s Joy


Sometimes churches fear growth. It raises concerns like having less control, less familiarity, more expense, and more work. This post explores the parable of the talents for encouragement to face these fears so that we may continue in our mission to make disciples.

Prayer and God are Both in Schools


Some of my theological reflections about God and prayer in school.