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  • Vicki

    Hooray!!! :)

  • UMJeremy

    Congratulations!! What a journey you’ve walked…and what a journey ahead!

    • Dan

      @UMJeremy: Thanks, Jeremy! And thanks for – I’ve enjoyed your posts along the way :)

  • Dan

    @Robert & Vicki: Thanks for the well wishes… I may be slighty excited :)

  • David Camphouse

    All the best to yet another! Welcome, and thank you for your service!
    David Camphouse recently posted..Leave em hanging

  • Luann Pezet

    Congratulations, Dan! We are so very proud of you, son! After ten years of hard work, you are getting the ultimate reward! We love you!

    • Dan

      @Luann: Thanks, mom. It’s really been a life-long process, with you and dad being a major part. Thanks for your love and support through the years!

  • Robert Stutes

    WOO HOO!

  • Scott Sallis

    Well done

  • Sharolyn Penny Hendrick

    Congratulations Dan! Wish I could come celebrate w/ you all in June!

    • Dan

      @Sharolyn: I wish you could come, too. We’ll take pictures :)

  • Matt O’Reilly

    Congrats, Dan!

  • Rudy Olivo

    Congratulations Dan!

  • Dana Pezet

    Congratulations, Dan! Will ya’ll be staying there at the church?

    • Dan

      @Dana: Ordination will not mean that I have to change churches. I am fairly sure that I will be staying at Wesley for a while. Of course, I can never say for sure how long I will be in one place… I go where the bishop sends me!

  • Dan

    Thank you all for your kind words! I am very thankful to have great friends to share this exciting time in my life with!

  • Pat Caylor

    Congratulations! This is indeed a cause for celebration. Praise God from whom All blessing flow!!!