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Great Productivity Apps for Pastors

I love my Android smart phone and tablet, but in order to get them to really help my productivity, I had to find the right apps. There are a handful of apps that have completely changed the way I operate on a daily basis, and I thought I would share … [Read More...]


Hospitality: When Night Ends and Day Begins

In an almost random internet search, I happened across this powerful Jewish tale that helps us to understand the Bible's instructions for dealing with strangers in our midst:   … [Read More...]

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Prayer and God are Both in Schools

I have seen many people write on their Facebook pages something to the effect of, "We need to put God back in our Schools." This is a reference to our present suffering seemingly as a result of removing prayer from school. While I am excited that so … [Read More...]


Avoiding eGossip

This post explores the problem of eGossip, or forwarding false information to others with services like Email and Facebook, and suggests a resource for confirming information before pressing "send." … [Read More...]

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